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Greetings; my name is Henry Shelton and I currently reside in Dallas, Texas, USA.  However, I consider myself a citizen of the world.  I’m an accomplished entrepreneur of 20 years as well as a Student and Instructor of Mystical and metaphysical studies for over 20 years.  I’ve spent over 20 plus years in the Biomedical, Information Technology, and Training & Consulting industry.  Currently however, I'm re-launching my Coaching business with the goal of empowering burnt out corporate managers and other professionals who are looking for their TRUE PURPOSE IN LIFE beyond corporate America.

I’m passionate about this because I too struggled for years of whether to a) be a TECHNICAL ENGINEER and MANAGER in the stressful, cut-throat, petty-office politics of the corporate world by day, or to be the: b) HEART-CENTERED , PURPOSE-DRIVEN SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR & MENTOR by night!  After a life changing trip and initiation in Egypt in 2011, along with another life changing experience of losing my brother to a sudden and traumatic death, I know that it’s time to commit fully to the task at hand.

Henry C. Shelton Henry C. Shelton
Dallas, TX

What is Accessing Your Archetype?

Human beings have an innate biosocial signature (specific attributes of the soul). These are attributes that align with seven fundamental processes in nature. They are what naturally inspires, excites, motivates and energizes them (their passions) to act in the best intention towards the whole of humanity and the bio-socioeconomic environment.  These are sometimes referred to as “gifts”. 

The goal and purpose of this assessment is to assist in identifying your innate birth gifts.  These are natural endowments or talents, virtues or qualities that we inherit at birth.  They are what naturally influence the urges and motives within you that cause you to act in accord and in alignment with nature.  This then provides you clarity and reveals how you are best suited to provide a service or product (i.e. your “Social Value Proposition”) that meets the various needs and solves the many problems of humanity and our bio-socioeconomic world that we are stewards of.

There are no RIGHT or WRONG answers.  The assessment is only meant to illuminate which gifts YOU embody as an individual.  Each person will have a relatively unique signature.

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Through many years of research in ancient wisdom and modern technology, we have found that harmony and equilibrium (and thus Peace) in the world is best achieved by maintaining a balance with nature and her various processes.

Accessing Your Archetype achieves this by accomplishing 5 objectives towards a "Creative Life Path"

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